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What is the Art of Competition?

The Art of Competition allows you to come up with the ideas, the solutions, the ways of going forward that never present themselves through logic. It relieves the outcome of being important and bestows the highest significance to the exact moment at hand. Nothing else matters. That focus quiets your mind. Art begins the instant stillness is initiated. Every facet of your being opens up, locks in and ignites the potential just waiting to be catalyzed in that moment, and then the next. Past and future disappear. Winning and losing are forgotten. You’ve let the others take care of competing. You are the guardian of art. The only possibility is that anything is possible.

The Art of Competition provides you with ways of looking at competition differently than you ever have in the past. The backbone of the book are ninety quotes that, if digested slowly, can provide the nutrients necessary to discover this exquisite state for yourself, regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior running through neighborhood alleys and parks in your hometown or a world class athlete calling up excellence while under the very public microscope of televised competition.

“The great photographer Ansel Adams described his moment of creative breakthrough, his making of the famous 1927 photograph titled Monolith, of the Northwest Face of Half Dome: “I had achieved my first true visualization!  I had been able to realize a desired image: not the way the subject appeared in reality, but the way it felt to me.” That is the artistic gift, the ability to see– or perhaps “sense” – something others cannot quite put their finger on, and use art to express it.  And that is what Mark has done here, capturing the inner terrain of the true competitor, through photographs and quote-poems, unlike anything I have seen before.  The Art of Competition shows that while Mark Allen’s competitive races might rest in the past, his creative journey continues.  And as with any true artist, the journey never ends.”

From the Forward by Jim Collins
Author Good to Great and Built to Last

Images from nature

Placing ourselves in nature is like putting a key in a lock and turning it gently, then peering beyond into something great and deep that cannot be contained in words. Yet it is so familiar that it reflects back to us the depth and greatness of our own character. Remember these moments. Seek them out. They instill the same mixture of limitless possibility and absolute humility that will bring out your personal brilliance. It’s the same blend of calm and ultimate trust that turns the key and activates the half-percent difference in genetic makeup between you and your competition, the difference between you being “good” and doing something enduring and perfect that is truly art.


Mark Allen – Author

No triathlete has gained the recognition or success that Mark Allen has. After competing and losing in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in his first six attempts at this demanding race, he emerged victorious in 1989, winning the most difficult one-day sporting event in the world.

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Nick Borelli – Photographer

Nick Borelli’s work honors our ever-changing planet while incorporating subtle movement to enhance the amazing world we live in. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, Nick was always fascinated by waves and surfing and began photographing them for publication after returning home from The University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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